A Littly Mighty In Big Texas Comp


The Fine Print

Texas Fitness Factory in conjunction with CrossFit Watauga and UpLift Youth Strength and Conditioning will be hosting a kids on CrossFit competition. The date will be July 29th, 2019 and the competition will start at 9AM. Athletes briefing will start at 8:30AM, and registration will begin at 8AM. Kids will complete 3 WODs with prizes for the top finishers in each division and medals for all participants. WODs will be released 2 weeks before the event. Keep and eye on the facebook page for any further information. 
Age Groups:
Youth Ages 13-15 (Must be able to move 35lbs for reps on all lifts)
Youth Ages 10-12 (Must be able to move 25lbs for reps on all lifts)
Youth Ages 7-9 (Must be able to move 15lbs for reps on all lifts)
Youth Ages 4-6 (Must be able to move 5lbs for reps on all lifts)

To register follow the link below: