Member Spotlight: Emily Elder

1)      How did you get into CrossFit?  

Amanda and I talked about it for a few weeks – we had both done it before, we both had weddings to get ready for & we were both looking to start something we knew we would like… if we got past the initial soreness.  Once James & Colton were on board, there was no looking back.

2)      What keeps you motivated to work out(CrossFit)?  

There are several things that keep me motivated to workout at CrossFit Watauga – it’s a community, so when I miss, I have a serious case of FOMO (fear of missing out); I miss the people, and I do miss the burn of the WOD.  More than that though, what keeps me motivated to keep going back are the improvements I’ve seen in myself.  I’m stronger, faster & I jump higher.  I feel less stressed at work, and I sleep a lot better.  If I don’t go to the box in the morning, I think about it all day until I get that WOD in at the end of the day.  There’s nothing better than that timer going off at the end.

3)      What positive benefits have you noticed either mentally or physically since starting CrossFit?  

Besides slimming down, which has been nice, I just feel all around healthier; I tend to eat better – most of the time, I have better habits about getting up and moving throughout the day.  I have a clearer, focused mind at work and see to handle stress differently (better) than before.

4)      What is your favorite CrossFit Workout?  

It’s hard to pick a favorite!  I do like ‘DT’ a lot though – it challenges you to be efficient with the movements and hang on to the bar.  It’s really hard, but really rewarding.

5)      Who is your favorite CrossFit Games Athlete? Alec Smith –

I’ve seen him do a wicked obstacle course on his hands.  Plus, my brother’s first name is Alec.

6)      What is your favorite Movement in CrossFit? 

Handstand Pushups!

– Any random facts you could share with us?  I went to two high schools in two different states with the same name & school colors – Sandra Day O’Connor in both San Antonio, TX. & Phoenix, AZ – colors were blue and gold.  They are the only two high schools in the country named after the Supreme Court Justice. 

– Best vacation you’ve been to?  

Combine the beach & an adult beverage, and I’m set.  The last vacation Colton & I went on was a cruise and I came back with an engagement ring – that takes the cake for favorite vacation so far.

– If you had to eat one meal, every day for the rest of your life, what would it be? 

Buffalo wings; as long as heart burn wasn’t a thing

Derek Nelson