CrossFit compared to Camp Gladiator (From A former CG'er).

CrossFit vs. Camp Gladiator



The abundance of fitness options is great for exploring different workouts, both with and without a gym. Camp Gladiator and CrossFit have both grown exponentially throughout the past few years, becoming two of the biggest workout programs in the DFW area.


Camp Gladiator focuses on light weights, heavy cardio and large groups of people. The workouts are mostly outside under all weather conditions. Women most of the time MAX out at two 15 pound dumbbells for their workout after completing months at lighter weights. From my own experience (2 Years at CG) I enjoyed this bootcamp, but I plateaued, not just in weight loss but I lost interest because I wasn't being challenged enough. I was burnt out of the same routine that the workout offered. Yes, I could run an easy 5k and my endurance was top notch, however, my overall strength was poor. That's the thing that I found different with CrossFit. CrossFit focuses on its own definition of being constantly varied at high intensity workouts with functional movement. Now, walking into the box I can expect anything from gymnastics to weight lifting to metabolic conditioning and even a mix of it all. Box sizes being smaller than most boot camp classes enable my coach to help me improve my form and to motivate me through the WOD.


The goal is the same: to decrease body fat, increase cardiovascular efficiency and generally assist people in getting into a regular exercise regimen.  I believe that both of these systems are about finding what works for you and your overall health, all the while challenging and pushing yourself harder than the day before.  



"CrossFit is regarded as the master of none, but the jack of all trades"

-Greg Glassman


Ali Champion CF-L1

Derek Nelson