Vitamin D!

Vitamin D deficiency and the relation it has with influenza

Dr. John Cannell who is the founder of the Vitamin D council, introduced the idea that a deficiency in Vitamin D can actually be the underlying cause of the flu. His hypothesis was published and later followed up with another study in the following year which is the largest and most nationally representative study of its kind to date. This study showed that people with the lowest BLOOD vitamin D levels reported to have significantly more resent colds or rather cases of the flu. Remember, that what we care about is not the dosage of vitamin D but the actual amount of blood content.

This being said, what can be taken as a natural remedy to help boost our immune system and acts as a natural antibiotic when we get the “flu?”


1 tbsp. of turmeric spice

100 grams of organic honey


Put ingredients in a glass jar and mix them well!


If you have the flu, take half a spoon every hour

The following day take but every 2 hours

Third day, 3 times a day.

Make sure you let the mixture melt a little before swallowing; can also be added to your daily intake of tea, milk, etc.


Stay well my friends!


Teea Nelson, CF-L1


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