Lets Talk About Fitness Baby (Pun Intended!)


I’m not going to sit behind this computer and act like it has been easy to stay active during my pregnancy. Every day has fluctuated between, “I am having a hard time just getting out of bed” and “I feel great today, I can not wait to work out!” The urge to stay active has stemmed from wanting to give my baby a healthy start coming into this world and wanting to be a good example for my members. Everyone’s drive is different, but this is mine. I was not the most consistent in my first trimester, I literally would fall asleep at work… eating food….taking a shower…. Let’s face it, I may have not even been awake for most of my first trimester. Aside from that, let me touch on a few benefits to staying active during your pregnancy:

v Lowers risk for diabetes

v Fewer aches and pains

v Less likely to gain over the recommended weight  (25-35 lbs)

v Labor and delivery may be easier

v May have more energy

v More likely to avoid c-section (unless that is what you want)

v May be less prone to morning sickness

v Recovery is faster


Everyone has a different love for the exercise they do. Some have a love for Zumba, running, swimming, Pilates…..mine is CrossFit. I love it, I am addicted to it, and it makes me even happier that I am able to share my love for it with the members of CrossFit Watauga.

Side note:   It was not an easy 2017, especially getting pregnant only a couple months after our grand opening. I want to make tribute however in this blog to my husband and lead coach at CrossFit Watauga, he has been there for the members just as much as he has been for his needy wife (sob) and I am so grateful that the two of us got through the year so gracefully. Did I mention I was asleep through a majority of it?

Last words: Yes, pregnancy may have slowed me down, but one thing I didn’t let it do was stop me. I still exercise and still enjoy getting outside with my horses (weather permitting, Elsa recently unleashed her fury). I hope that my exercise journey through pregnancy lights a fire to push through YOUR fitness journey, pregnant or not.


Teea Nelson, CF-L1


NOTE: Please consult your doctor if you are pregnant and wish to start working out, or want to continue your daily exercise regimen. 

Derek Nelson