Coach Spotlight: Derek Nelson

1)      How did you get into CrossFit?

My wonderful wife got bored of the typical globo gym workout and suggested we tried CrossFit. I was reluctant, and if I remember right I think I said no the first time she brought it up, and then months later she brought it up again and we tried it, and we got hooked.

2)      What keeps you motivated to work out (CrossFit)?

If you know me, im pretty self-motivated when it comes to something I want. I want to get better at CrossFit so that is enough drive. But the competitive side of CrossFit is what keeps me pushing harder. Especially as members are getting more fit, they are forcing me to step up my game!

3)      What positive benefits have you noticed either mentally or physically since starting CrossFit?

I use to “hurt,” my back 2-3 times a year prior to CrossFit, and since starting CrossFit, I have not had one of these flare ups. In my job as a Chiropractor I can adjust larger patients with more ease and with better control of my body as well.

4)      What is your favorite CrossFit Workout?

I struggled for so long with double unders that Annie was my nemesis. So now that I am better at that skill I really enjoy Annie and enjoy trying to go faster and be more consistent with the doubles.

5)      Who is your favorite CrossFit Games Athlete?

If I say Fraser will people say band wagon? Probably, but from his interviews he seems like a funny guy and has a lot of personality.

6)      What is your favorite Movement in CrossFit?

Favorite movement would have to be the Clean. When its good, its smooth and great. When its bad….its real bad. But chasing that good feeling is fun!

– Best vacation you’ve been to?

Saipan with my wife, it’s when I proposed and it’s a tropical island. Best of both worlds!

– Do you have a favorite quote?

The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy –Martin Luther King Jr.

– How do you define success?

Being Happy.

Derek Nelson