Why does CrossFit Work?

The Group class setting of CrossFit and the community that is built at each affiliate is one of the reasons why CrossFit is so popular. Not only does the community inspire you to work harder and more often, it makes it fun at the same time! Let’s check out why CrossFit works a little more in depth and how the social aspect to CrossFit makes it successful.

1)      People are more likely to let themselves down, but not their peer. How many times have you gone out on a Friday night because you told your friend you would? But really all you wanted to do was lay in bed and watch Netflix? Exactly, the same holds true with CrossFit. You show up at the 5 AM class because you don’t want to let Sally down!

2)      No lazy days. Who has gone to the regular gym, started working out and decided today it just wasn’t going to happen and you leave? Guilty. But I can say I have never seen someone walk into our box, start working out and stop because they are not feeling like it today. Having the push of your coach, and members around you pushes you to keep going! Coach Ali Champion talks about this, “CrossFit works because everything is already provided for you. From the workouts, equipment, structure, community, and fun! All you have to do is show up and the people around you will push you!”

3)      Competition! People are competitive. Even if you do not think you are, you probably are. When that person next to you is not resting and keeps working that pushes you to keep working and not take that rest. It pushes you to keep going and push harder. Coach Derek Paradise agrees with this and said, “Humans have an innate desire to compete and win. When we get in a group setting, we do nothing by take our fitness up a north….or 12.”

4)      Environment, friends, laughs, and fun. Jamie Janzen one of the coaches here at CrossFit Watauga states, “CrossFit promotes an environment that efficiently improves physical fitness while also providing a social and competitive atmosphere that people would not be able to achieve working out on their own.” The social aspects of CrossFit make the classes fun, entertaining and full of laughs. You do not get this at the regular gym when your headphones are in your ear and you’re all alone.

Our goal at CrossFit Watauga is to provide you a safe and effective fitness program. The members in each class help make this process fun. If you’re having fun you will be consistent. If you are consistent you will achieve your goals. This makes each class you attend the best hour of your day, despite how hard the workouts are. You go home wanting more, and hoping coach posts the workout for tomorrow earlier!

Derek Nelson D.C., M.S., CSCS, CF-L1

Derek Nelson