Athlete of the Month!

Marnie Brenes

Both Teea and I completely agree that Marnie deserves member of the month, a little recognition, and some product for her hard work. Marnie came to CrossFit Watauga without ever doing CrossFit and knew very little about it. Two months in now and she is a true “CrossFitter.” Not only does she train 5 days a week, she will do 2 WOD’s a day coming in both the morning and evening classes once or twice a week. She is making great strides towards her goals and the coaches and members are noticing! On top of this she is one of the most supportive members to everyone! 

Here are some highlights about Marnie!

Favorite WOD: “Don’t really have one. Obviously I like weights better than cardio!! But I can jump rope now soooo…..”

Favorite Lift: Clean and Jerk

Hobbies other than CrossFit: “There are more things than CrossFit?!?!?! Sleep, and reading. 

Personal Goals: Lose Weight, become more fit, continue to do and be better/healthier. 

CrossFit Goals: Double Unders and better form to lift more weight!

Derek Nelson