The All-Powerful Deadlift!

The all-powerful deadlift!


Most gym goers know the deadlift or have seen the deadlift performed at some point. For CrossFitters this is one of the main foundation movements. Simple in nature, yet complex, and never mastered the deadlift is a great functional movement. Picking your kids off the ground…..deadlift. Lifting the couch to move it……deadlift. Drop your bag…..deadlift. See where I am going with this? The deadlift is key and essential in everyday life for picking up anything off the ground. Properly that is.


To start:

·      Feet hip width with hands shoulder width apart (Outside of knees)

·      Lumbar curve maintained and core braced

·      Shoulders should be in front of the bar on the start position

·      Bar on shins and ALWAYS maintains contact with the legs

·      Arms Locked out Straight

·      Back should be slanted up with head and chest.


To Finish:

·       Drive through heels

·       Extend legs, hips and shoulders rise at the same time.

·       Extend hips all the way open.

·       Return to floor in same manner it left.


Focus on these aspects of the deadlift and make sure you have your basics down before adding a lot of weight. Many people believe this movement will hurt your back. This movement is a great back developer and stabilizer when done correctly. Not only that, this movement when performed correctly will translate to everyday life and help avoid injury in the world out of the Box. Keep checking back for CrossFit Watauga’s blogs and videos to see these movements in action!

Derek Nelson