When the dust settled

Our first in-house competition was this past Friday night. We had a great turn out and we received a lot of positive endorsements about the competition. Most importantly thought I saw a lot of growth from the members. This competition was held for fun, but any time there is pride and prizes on the line people are going to naturally want to do better. And better they did. We saw multiple personal records broke on this night after 2 very tough WOD’s, which is not an easy thing to do. But the atmosphere, the entire box cheering you on, and desire to do well made these records possible.

Brandon Broom took home the WIN on this particular night. But everyone learned, gained, or won something from the competition. Many took home a new desire to train harder or do better so they are better prepared next month, and some saw weaknesses in their fitness and have new skills to work on. These competitions are going to be hosted by us at CrossFit Watauga once a month. The first Saturday of each month will be a chance for all members to test their skills, fitness, and take home box bragging rights. Most importantly these competitions will help the members to continue growing as athletes, people and achieving their goals.

September 2nd will be our next in house competition, make sure you are a part of this event. They are just going to get bigger and more fun each month. 

Derek Nelson