Not Quite Games Athletes, but we are physical prepared.

Dave Castro Released the first workout of the 2017 Games, this workout looked something like this:


100 Pull Ups

80 GHD Sit Ups

60 One legged Squats

40 Cal Row

20 Push Press (Men: 100, Women: 70).


All this is to be completed with a time cap of 14 minutes. For a games athlete this is a challenge but something I except all if not most to complete this Thursday. But for the rest of us, this is a challenge to complete. We did this workout last Tuesday as a box so we can see how we stack up. We removed the time cap and all of us scaled some form of this workout, if not the entire workout, and completed this long chipper. Our best times were in the 22-minute mark with most members ending up just less than 30 minutes.


As coaches we were quite proud of the effort, grit, and determination to complete this tough workout. So what that none of us are games athletes. What I do know is that the members of CrossFit Watauga are better physically prepared than the majority of the population. I know that if they are required to lift something at work, play a pick up game of basketball, or get the common cold that they are physically better prepared for whatever life throws at them. In CrossFit we call this our Insurance Policy. You are ensuring that we will not have to miss days at work, or fall into the sick care health system by maintaining your health and general physical preparedness. You are ensuring you are ready for whatever life throws at you. Our times will get better and we will be even more physically prepared for the next workout Castro dreams up!


Derek Nelson, D.C., M.S., CF-L1, CSCS, FMS, FMT 

Derek Nelson