6 Dietary rules to jump start your New Year!

1)      Avoid all added sugar. This is found in so many food products, you will be surprised. Look at the label and if any form of sugar is in the ingredients, avoid it. 

2)      Avoid processed foods. Processed foods are usually more calorically dense, which means you will intake more calories, and probably be left un-satisfied. 

3)      Make your plate colorful. The more colorful your plate is the more nutrient dense the meal. This will help ensure you are getting all your micronutrients (Vitamins/minerals).

4)      Drink Water. Water will help you feel more satisfied, and keep your body functioning and moving better by keeping your tissue hydrated.

5)      Watch your portions. Too much of anything is bad. Even if its food that is good for you. Weighing your food for the first week of each month is a good way to have a visual understanding of proper portions. These portion sizes begin to get distorted the longer you go between weighing your food. 

6)      Shop the four walls of the grocery store. To aid in achieving rules 1-5, shop the four walls of the grocery store. If you are making your way down aisles, you are breaking one of the rules. Stick to the walls and remember if it grew from the ground/tree, or walked on land, it’s probably ok for you. 

There are so many dietary plans out there concerned with every little tid bit of information, and make you add or remove things from your diet to the point you are very limited on what you can actually eat. Following these rules will make you dietary change very simple and easy. Eat within these rules and you will be successful in whatever goal you are trying to achieve. This is a dietary change, and not a diet. This is a way to eat and a way to live, not a temporary diet to achieve a goal. Make these changes and be prepared to feel better, perform better, and look better.


Dr. Derek Nelson D.C., M.S., CSCS., CF-L1 

Derek Nelson